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He didn’t want to be there. When Charlene had come home gleefully waving two free tickets to hear the sensational new virtuosa, Malcolm told her he wasn’t interested. When she’d said, nonsense, he loved concerts, he’d shrugged and said, “Not … Continue reading

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For Hector Berlioz, on the 145th Anniversary of His Death

Au cimetière Comes it then, to this? To this pale polis choked thick With tiny temples crumbling Below the rumbling heedless overpass Of living town above? To tombs smeared gray with dust, and brown With bony brittle memory Of disregarded … Continue reading

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Another Poem, While I Mark Time

The Beethoven LP has arrived.  But life, not all of it good, is happening, and I haven’t even taken the album out of the mailing sleeve.  Hopefully, tomorrow. But for now: For Jen on Her Birthday, 1995 When mopish darkness … Continue reading

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How Far Will You Go?

I must be nuts.  The chapter I’m trying to write for my novel Free Souls revolves around a certain piece of classical music (two Brownie points and a kazoo to the first reader who can name which one!), and since my … Continue reading

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Another Ancient Poem (Since the Next Chapter Still Isn’t Ready)

On Not Facing Reality – As Usual What then, if I should do this foolish thing And leap into the gulf between gray earth And all my yet unwrit eternity, And what if plea of yearning spanless dearth Of music … Continue reading

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