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He didn’t want to be there. When Charlene had come home gleefully waving two free tickets to hear the sensational new virtuosa, Malcolm told her he wasn’t interested. When she’d said, nonsense, he loved concerts, he’d shrugged and said, “Not … Continue reading

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Carboot Sale

(Oxfordshire, Easter Sunday, 1995) By camper, car, and caravan they come Creeping, slowly seeking Along the sloping open road Alert with eyes rolled naked Lest they pass        The very town, The turn, the way (it’s told) Will … Continue reading

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A Poem on Missing the Mark

Sur le même sujet* Sometimes, I feel drawn to you As an arrow towards a goal But each time I attempt my bow, I miss It is not that My aim is bad But rather, my unsaved friend, That you … Continue reading

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A Funny Thing

A funny thing happened on my way to editing my novel Free Souls. Funny-ironic, which is midway between funny-haha and funny-peculiar. I don’t like how I’ve written Chapter 19 and 20, in which my heroine reflects on the mess she got … Continue reading

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Another Poem (While I Wait for the LP to Arrive)

I’ve gained enough distance from the impetus of this poem to post it publicly.  I think. Heresy Renounce! Renounce! Renounce all hope, each whispered dream, The least but-thought, but-felt desire For husband’s length stretched full on mine, For love that … Continue reading

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