Got a Question

First of all, I really appreciate the Likes and Follows I’ve gotten on this blog.  They’re nowhere near what some people receive, but for all what I get, I thank you.

But now I need comments, on the following question.

To-wit:  Should I go back and revise the individually-posted chapters of my novel Free Souls?

As mentioned in the previous post, I’ve realized that Chapters 19 and 20 are not the only places major revision is needed.   I’m cutting, pasting, stretching, curtailing, and rearranging and a lot of the material won’t be under the same chapter number any more.

In fact, some of the material I originally included in Chapter 20 may get moved to Chapter 46 (or whatever its number will be once I’m finished).

So would it be helpful to repost or at least rename everything from Chapter 9 on?  Or should I just post the novel in chapter order on a separate page of the  blog and refer whomever wants the latest to it?  And put up new chapters as individual posts and let the previous posts remain as they are?

Your input wanted and welcome!






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