Another Poem (While I Wait for the LP to Arrive)

I’ve gained enough distance from the impetus of this poem to post it publicly.  I think.


Renounce! Renounce!
Renounce all hope, each whispered dream,
The least but-thought, but-felt desire
For husband’s length stretched full on mine,
For love that calls to love, that by
Its face I all its kin may know.

Renounce, and so reject
Redundant flesh. Deny
All need of needless heart
Subject the soul, bid it abhor
Its garment and its house
Renounce! and turn the caged bird free
Let shining spirit naked dwell
In purity of light!

Oh yes, renounce, renounce!
And bring the victim forth.
This rotting useless carcass on
The darkened altar lay
And with it slay my murdered soul
All drained of love. Fit sacrifice
(Here bred and bought)
For pale and lying priests to lift
Unto their false and bloodless god.


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