Introspective Cat Is Introspective


They say don’t leave your characters alone with their thoughts.

They say keep the action going.

They say too much introspection is deadly for a novel.

“They” being the writing experts.

But me?  I’m a rank amateur who needs her main character to know what her hang-ups are, and needs the reader to know what the main character’s hang-ups are, and needs the reader to know that the main character knows what her hang-ups are.  (Well, mostly.)  A time is coming in the story when these issues will a) come bite her in the butt, or b) be resolved, and damned if I’m going to stop the story at a crisis point and explain to one and all how Significant to the MC it all is.  I want any reader who’s interested enough to read my novel to think, “Oh, gosh, I know how hard that is for her.  Didn’t she herself say so back in Chapter 19?”

I have blind faith that there’s a better way to incorporate this important background material, because that’s another thing the writing experts say.  But I’m not experienced enough yet to know what it is.

So I do what I can do.

All this is to introduce the fact that I accomplished what I mentioned in yesterday’s post: I wrote a couple of new chapters wherein my MC reflects on the present implications of Her First Bad Relationship, for insertion before the tale of Her Second Bad Relationship.  I tried to do it quoting her actual thoughts and out-loud statements as much as possible, so it’s not a long screed of narration.  Though given the intrusion of “inner voices” now and again, you may think she’s a little nuts.  (I don’t.)

I’m happy to say that my plan of putting my ideas down on a blank word-processing page worked very well.  So well, in fact, that I spent all damn day yesterday writing and got hardly anything else done (you’ve seen Hoarders on TV?  My house looks like that.)

The new chapters are plugged in on the website in order, which is to say I had to fool the site into thinking they went up in December.  Whatever works!  The links are Chapter 19, here and Chapter 20, here.

I also have something to say about the general tenor of the new chapters, but that would go better on a different post.

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